NUUE Collection

History and Philosophy

Nuue Collection is a joyful revolution in ready-to-wear, a hymn to feminine beauty, without standards or prejudices, a revalorization of French know-how and a celebration of nature to preserve what is so dear to us.

Who is behind the brand

Hello everyone,
My name is Annabelle and I am the creator of Nuue Collection.
After 4 years working in e-commerce and social media for a beautiful cosmetics company in Provence, I decided in 2019 to change my life to launch my project: stripping fashion bare. This idea came to me following a conference in London in 2017. Bert van Son, the founder of MUD Jeans, presented his eco-responsible brand, the associated values ​​as well as the sad excesses of the fashion industry. I then wanted to change my fashion consumption and turn to ready-to-wear brands that do not degrade our environment and do not exploit the men and women of the textile industry. My search having not been fruitful, I decided to create this committed brand that I was looking for!
Nuue Collection is the fulfillment of a dream and more than 2 years of research and work to understand the behind the scenes of fashion, to understand each stage of the design of a garment, from the thread to the piece final, and thus start from scratch, abolish fast fashion and rethink the entire development process in order to offer you sustainable and responsible collections.
Nuue Collection is a new chapter in my life, an exciting leap into the unknown. I am happy to share with you my committed vision of reasonable fashion for women, men and the environment, hoping that you will be won over both by the brand's commitments and by the sought-after style of femininity under all its forms, simple and liberated.
Nuue Collection is a joyful revolution and it is only together that we can write the continuation of this beautiful story of eco-responsible fashion.
See you soon !

Ecological and social commitment

(Re)valuing French know-how, to ensure fair remuneration for textile workers, and promoting short circuits, so as not to pollute unnecessarily, are commitments at the heart of Nuue Collection. The sketches are made in collaboration with Olga, a talented freelance stylist based in Paris. These sketches come to life in the form of prototypes at Monia, a model maker working in the Sentier district of Paris. Then comes the design stage of the collection, which is carried out in Cai's small Parisian workshop with whom we pay particular attention to the quality of each model to ensure its durability. Everything has been and will be entirely carried out in France. Our MADE IN FRANCE label has nothing to hide from you!

Each piece in the collection is designed with eco-responsible materials that are as gentle on you as they are on the environment. For you I have selected the most “organic” fabrics: Tencel®, EcoVero® viscose, organic cotton, recycled cotton… Natural fibers from sustainable, controlled and certified sources. My fabric suppliers are European because sourcing eco-responsible materials from the other side of the planet doesn't really make sense!

To guarantee the traceability of my materials as well as the entirely eco-responsible approach of my European suppliers, each element in the collection is certified by at least one of these labels: Global Organic Standards (GOTS), Organic Content Standard (OCS 100) , EU Ecolabel, Global Recycle Standard (GRS) and Oeko-Tex 100. These certifications are based on demanding environmental, ethical and social criteria.

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