An eco-responsible corporate gift


The end of the year is approaching and you are looking for a corporate gift idea to offer your employees at Christmas: a basket of local products, a company-branded goodie, a suitcase or a picnic basket? Hmmm, it's not always easy to find a corporate gift that appeals to as many people as possible, and that is useful.

You also want your CSR commitment to be reflected in the benefits offered to your employees, in particular by offering a responsible corporate gift .

Then the Clother gift card is the solution you were looking for!

Benefits for your employees

USEFUL - Jeans, a sweater, a dress...or socks! All your employees will findsomezhing of interest among the 40 brands offered

PRACTICAL - gift vouchers are valid for one year, no stress to use them

SUSTAINABLE – more and more of your employees aspire to take concrete action to reduce their carbon footprint, give them the opportunity!

Benefits for the company

  • SIMPLE & CONCRETE CSR ACTION - Easy to implement, this action contributes to your CSR commitment
  • EASY LOGISTICS - cards can be sent by email, or delivered to your office in envelopes
  • ADAPTABLE BUDGET – the value of the gift voucher is adjustable according to your budget and the number of employees
  • A DISCOUNTING PRICE - Depending on your total budget, we will offer you a discount on the nominal value of the gift vouchers.

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Our tailor-made services


Employees increasingly expect their company to offer them (i) services available at their workplace
, (ii) but also real societal and/or environmental actions in which to engage.

By offering the CLOTHER delivery service to your employees, you meet these two expectations simultaneously.

How does the service work? It is very simple!

  • Your employees place orders directly on the CLOTHER website, with a special code for the company
  • Clother delivers them to their workplace, and will also collect product returns

What are the benefits for your business?

  • Simple to set up – very simple logistics, without constraints for the company.
  • Free – this partnership costs you nothing.
  • Modular – we decide together on the details of setting up the service and its frequency.
  • Responding to employees’ aspirations for responsible engagement.


Are you organizing a sustainable development day or week in your company and want to raise awareness among your employees on various subjects? Are you looking for external speakers for a work/reflection session on the integration of sustainable development issues into your business model?

CLOTHER offers its services to come to your premises to make a presentation or lead a session on the following subjects:

  • Presentation of the textile industry, its carbon footprint, and solutions for more sustainable fashion
  • Feedback on a business model that puts sustainable development at the heart of its activity

The format and content are adaptable, depending on the objectives and needs (plenary presentation, participatory model, game format, etc.)

To discuss a partnership, contact us at the following address: