At Clother, we chose to be an online store for a simple reason: to be able to distribute our eco-friendly fashion brands everywhere in Switzerland, and to allow everyone, whether they live in the city center or in a small village , to have easy access to sustainable clothing.

But e-commerce is not exempt from criticism (often justified), when it comes to carbon footprint and its methods often geared towards over-consumption.

From the start of the adventure, we thought about how to do things differently, in line with our values ​​and our philosophy. Here are the 3 pillars of our “responsible e-commerce” approach.

We don't say we're perfect but we do our best :-)

Our reusable parcels

The great scourge of e-commerce is obviously logistics and the mountains of waste generated by packages. At Clother, we found THE solution: all our deliveries are made in reusable - and recycled - parcels since Day one ! Ok, but what is a reusable parcel? We tell you everything.

Our parcels (or delivery bags) are made from upcycled material: SERIE K, the Geneva company that designs them, recovers old paragliding canvases. This material - fluid, strong and waterproof - is perfect! A Caritas team then makes our pouches in different sizes.

Above all, this parcel has included inside an envelope (made of recycled tarpaulin) already stamped to the Clother address. Thus, the customer can easily fold the delivery pouch into the envelope, post this envelope in a mailbox....and presto, return to the sender. Watch the explanatory video

This is how we recover our delivery parcels, in order to use them again and again. Our parcels have already made more than 30 deliveries each.

No carton boxes for Zero Waste deliveries!

Reasonable communication for reasoned consumption

Going against the grain of fast fashion - and e-commerce - we will not harass you with daily communications and "not to be missed" promotions, encouraging you to consume ever more.

We pay very close attention to our communication, with a maximum of 2 newsletters per month. We want to be there for our customers when they need clothes, not persuade them that they constantly have new needs.

A good part of our communication, particularly on social networks, aims to raise awareness, and not to make people buy.

We will be happy to give you regular news about CLOTHER, to introduce you in more detail to the brands we have selected, and to share with you advice for reducing the environmental impact of your wardrobe.

So, if you would like to hear from us from time to time, do not hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter. We will not be intrusive :-)

Our collection campaigns - for recycling

We could just “sell” eco-friendly clothing, and that wouldn’t be bad. But we tell ourselves that our role can go further. In particular, we are so proud of our brands specializing in clothing made from recycled materials (recycled cotton jeans from Mud Jeans, recycled cashmere sweaters from Rifo) that we decided to support them. How ? By bringing them raw materials - ready to be recycled - recovered during collections campaigns of old clothes that we organize.

Our first jeans collection during fall 2022, in partnership with MUD, resulted in the recovery of more than 500 jeans which will be transformed into new cotton, then into jeans. To give you an idea, we saved the equivalent of an Olympic swimming pool full of water.

To find out if a collection campaign is currently taking place, and how to participate, click HERE