Once your order is finalized (after any returns), you will receive an email summarizing your order. IF you would like a formal invoice, you can contact us at contact@clother.ch, with your order number. We will then send you a formal invoice within 48 hours.

You can cancel your order up to 24 hours before the scheduled delivery time, by email to contact@clother.ch. You will receive an order cancellation confirmation, and you will not receive delivery.

Deliveries and returns

CLOTHER offers you 4 delivery methods, depending on your needs:
– Click&Collect delivery: directly to the Clother offices in Plan-les-Ouates. This delivery method is free! Several time slots are offered each week.
– Delivery to one of Clother’s partner stores on GE and VD. This delivery method is free! Delivery every 2 weeks, to limit our carbon footprint.
– Home delivery: by bike in the canton of Geneva (by appointment), and via the Post Office for the rest of Switzerland. Delivery is charged at 6.90 chf, and free from 200 chf of purchase.
– Business delivery: not currently activated, following the health situation.

Returns are free at CLOTHER!
The return method is identical to the delivery method you have chosen:
– Return in Click&Collect&Return: you bring your returns to the Clother team, to our offices in Plan-les-Ouates (GE).
– Return to partner store: You bring your returns to the store where you collected your order
– Return from your home: on GE, the Clother team will collect your returns (by appointment). For the rest of Switzerland, you send your returns via the Post Office (the necessary items are already available in the package).

CLOTHER delivers exclusively to Switzerland.

The delivery time depends on the delivery method chosen:
– Delivery to a partner store: we deliver twice a month, according to a fixed schedule (grouped deliveries = reduced carbon footprint). When you place an order, the delivery date to the store is indicated.
– Home delivery: we prepare orders within 3 working days. Exceptionally, if one of the items ordered is no longer in stock, this delay may be slightly longer. In this case, we will notify you by email.
– Click&Collect: we prepare orders within 3 working days, and then contact you to define the Click&Collect timing. Exceptionally, if one of the items ordered is no longer in stock, this delay may be slightly longer. In this case, we will notify you by email.

For all delivery methods, you have 14 days from the delivery date to return the delivery bag to us, empty or with the items you do not keep.

It's easy, Clother has been designed to make returns simple and free. To make a return, simply follow the following steps:
– complete the return form in your package, with the items that you do not keep.
– Insert the return slip and the unsaved clothing into the delivery bag, and close it
– return the delivery pouch according to the return method chosen (Click&Collect&Return, in store, via the Post Office, or at home)

Once the items have been received by Clother, we will debit you within 48 hours for the exact amount of your order. No need to wait for a refund, you get paid right away and only what you keep.

Returns are possible for unworn items. Items tried on for size are not considered worn. We reserve the right to refuse a return if it presents damage or for hygiene reasons.
Clothing must be returned in the delivery pouch given to you upon delivery, with tags attached and in perfect condition.

It can happen ! In this case, you can contact us to request a change to the date of receipt and/or return of the Clother box. You can also ask another person to come in your place, provided that you have informed us in advance, and that this person has proof of identity.
In both cases, please contact us by email at contact@clother.ch

When you have chosen the Click&Collect&Return option and validated your order, we will contact you by email to define with you the date and time slot to collect your order from Clother, as well as to return your returns.

We invite you to contact us as soon as possible if you know that you will not be able to return your returns on time.
If we don't hear from you, we will send you a friendly reminder. If we still have no news from you, we will debit you for the total amount of your order, 21 days after the delivery date (i.e. 7 days after the return deadline).

All delivery pouches used by Clother are reusable. Concretely, we collect these pouches, thanks to you, in order to use them for other deliveries in the future. The objective is to avoid disposable delivery boxes and the waste that goes with them.

This is why we ask you to return the empty pouches, according to your chosen delivery/return method: in store, Click&Collect&Return, at home, via the Post Office. Read the instructions on the return slip available in your pouch carefully.

Clother has chosen not to set up a deposit, and is counting on the goodwill of its customers so that these pouches continue to be used.


Having a customer account on www.clother.ch allows you to access your order history and the status of your current orders.
However, having an account is not required to place an order with Clother.
To make your experience easier, and because we know how annoying it can be to have customer accounts in multiple locations, we give you the choice!

You can simply make this request to us by email, at contact@clother.ch, by contacting us with the email address you used when registering for the Clother service.

Simply go to the bottom of the www.clother.ch page, where you will find the form to register. Your email address is enough. You will then receive our newsletters (maximum 2 per month).


Clother uses the Paypal solution, which allows you to be debited only after returns of items not kept (within 14 days after delivery).

The Paypal solution accepts the main types of bank cards: Mastercard, Visa, American Express. However, Postfinance credit cards and Maestro debit cards are not accepted. If your credit card does not work, contact us at contact@clother.ch

To make our customers' shopping experience easier, we offer the “Try first, pay later” service. This means that when you order, we will pre-authorize payment on your account, for the total amount. However, we will only charge you after the return of the items not kept (or confirmation that you keep your entire order), within 48 hours following this return.

We ask for your bank details to carry out a “pre-authorization” on your account, guaranteeing that you have the necessary funds to pay for your order.

But you are not charged right away. With the “Try first, pay later” service, we only charge you after receiving from you the items you do not keep (within 14 days after delivery). So, you are only charged for what you keep.


Each brand has its own size guide, accessible from the clothing product page.
If you still have any doubts after consulting the size guide, do not hesitate to order 2 sizes, which you can try on at home. With the “Try first, pay later” service, you will in any case only be charged for what you keep.

We offer 3 vouchers, of 50chf, 100chf and 200chf, accessible HERE Within 48 hours of your order, you will receive the gift card in PDF format. These gift cards are valid for 12 months.

We currently do not offer a solution for wrapping clothing that you would like to give as a gift. In our desire to have a ZERO WASTE policy, we want to avoid any unique packaging in our offer, and this includes gift wrapping.

We select brands based on 2 specific criteria:
1. the clothes must be made within a maximum radius of 1500km around Switzerland. The objective is threefold: (i) guarantee the social and environmental conditions in which clothing is manufactured; (ii) limit transport distances between place of production and place of sale, and therefore the carbon footprint, (iii) avoid any chemical/anti-fungal treatment on clothing (used to protect clothing against humidity when they are transported by boat from Asia)
2. the fabrics used to make clothes must be eco-responsible: (i) from upcycling (fabrics intended to be thrown away, ultimately recovered by these brands); (ii) from recycling (materials extracted from end-of-life clothing and recycled to make a new material); (iii) fabrics made from raw materials with a low carbon footprint (labeled organic cotton, lyocell, linen, hemp in particular)

Our zero waste policy is mainly structured around the following axes:
– limit the use of disposable solutions as much as possible: no cardboard for deliveries but packages that can be reused at least 100 times, no plastic bubbles, wrapping paper or additional boxes to protect the clothes in the package.
– limit unnecessary kilometers: we try as much as possible to group deliveries from our suppliers to our warehouse, we try to group our deliveries as much as possible (in particular via partner stores), and finally, when possible, we deliver by bike in the canton of Geneva.

Clother is not a marketplace: we buy clothes from brands, have them delivered to us, and we are then solely responsible for sales and customer service. But why did we choose this model, going against current trends? For service, and for the environment.

1. The service
– This model allows us to be solely responsible for customer service: we deliver all orders, we receive all returns and provide after-sales service. So only one intermediary for the customer, and no ping-pong to assign blame.
– With this model we can implement our circular delivery and returns solution.
– You can collect your clothes the day after your order (with the Click&Collect&Return option for example)
– You do not have to do any customs clearance procedures, since all our deliveries leave from our offices in Geneva.

2. The environment
– If you order 3 pieces of clothing from different brands on a marketplace, there is a chance that you will receive 3 packages. With Clother, 100% of your order is delivered in a single package (unless out of stock).
– With our model, all our packages are reusable, because we are the only ones to deliver. With a marketplace, you continue to receive your packages in disposable cardboard (at best recycled).
– With our model, we can consolidate the delivery of several customers to the same location, to limit the kilometers traveled