Our goal is to offer eco-responsible and authentic brands: even if imperfect (all clothing has a carbon footprint), they do things much, much better than the standards of the textile industry !!

We therefore take the time to select them. We speak with the founders to understand their commitments, and how their brand is sustainable:

  • Which workshops do they work with? Can they visit them regularly?
  • Where does their organic cotton, their tencel, their upcycled fabric come from? Do they have labels such as GOTS or GRS?
  • What manufacturing and dyeing methods do they use?

This also allows us to discern sincere ecological commitment from greenwashing . And when we can, we visit them, and share these moments with you on our social networks!

So yes, we will never offer an endless assortment, and without filter! Follow our gaze... Because even if we want to offer choice, it is a reasoned and responsible choice!

For a brand to join our collection, it must meet the following criteria:

Manufacturing less than 1500km

The majority of brands offered are made in France, Italy, Spain or Portugal. In addition to reducing transport distances, this is our best way to ensure that working conditions and wages are dignified, and that environmental production standards are stricter and better respected. Why 1500, and not 1000, or 2000? This distance was the right compromise for us, to find enough brands, without extending the geographical area further. But there is no clever calculation behind it 🙂.

Raw materials

The garment must contain at least 70% recycled materials (wool, cotton, cashmere, nylon, etc.), natural and organic materials (linen, certified organic cotton, tencel), or upcycled materials . And whenever possible, materials that have a label. You will have understood, a t-shirt with 10% non-certified organic cotton has no place with us, when others will attach a pretty “eco-responsible” label to it!

Come on, here we present to you some of the eco-responsible materials that you will most often find in slow fashion clothing at Clother

2 collections/year and sustainable production

Our brands offer a maximum of two collections per year, while highlighting timeless or classic clothing, sold several seasons. They also avoid overproduction by limiting the quantities produced.

Transparency at production sites

These brands have a limited number of suppliers and workshops, which they know, visit, and with whom they often work from the start. Above all, they make the name of their workshops accessible, for more transparency. And this is certainly the best proof that they have nothing to hide.

By combining these slow fashion criteria, we are much stricter in our selection than most “eco-responsible” platforms.

We don't say that we are perfect, but it is our method to ensure that the selection work has been done seriously.

Thus, our customers can come with complete confidence to discover clothing that is more respectful of nature…

and eco-responsible brands that we are proud of!