History and Philosophy

Through the Oûna range of panties, its founder has the firm intention of doing good for the planet as well as the privacy of its users. By offering an effective alternative to traditional hygienic protection, it advocates for a philosophy of living your period without worry.

Who is behind the brand

The “Oûna” universe is above all the cheeky work of Stélina, a passionate, committed textile designer with a degree in fashion and accessories. A technician proud to harmonize her production with her ecological, ethical and feminist convictions. Eager for knowledge, she explores and evolves in different textile sectors: from stage costumes to millinery, including natural dyeing and fashion design/pattern making.

Over the last ten years, her footsteps have crossed twenty countries, undeniably influencing her way of life both on a daily basis and in her sewing practice. In line with a global awareness of the environmental emergency, these trips allowed him to confront the damage caused by “fast fashion” (pollution of ecosystems, exploitation of workers in the textile industry).

In 2016, she created a first company dedicated to textile recycling, of which the portable soap dish is the flagship product. Anxious to fully integrate into her new environment, she naturally turns, alongside her profession, to the associative fabric of her canton and surrounding areas. She sees it as an opportunity to continue the battles that are dear to her: menstrual insecurity, gender inequalities and awareness of textile recycling.

Ecological and social commitment

Obviously, period panties are a great eco-friendly alternative to sanitary napkins. A sustainable solution as opposed to the disposable solutions that have become the norm. Because Oûna menstrual panties have an average lifespan of 5 years!!

The founder of the Oûna brand goes even further, by paying attention to the materials used to make her menstrual panties. She works with GOTS certified organic cotton, natural bamboo fiber, and recycled lace in particular, in order to minimize the environmental footprint of her collections.
As for the place of production, it does not go to the ends of the earth, but less than 200km from Switzerland, in the Rhône-Alpes region, where a small workshop manufactures Oûna panties.

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