…A Swiss brand. BIKKOU, born and designed in 2023 in Geneva and manufactured in Porto

only with materials with a low ecological impact.

…The desire to shake up the codes. Shoes without animal materials, timeless elegance with a touch of rock, it's possible!

…Emotion. Each style in the collection was designed with a special occasion in mind.

…Timeless elegance.

… Rock. A little madness on your feet in a well-paced daily life.

Who is behind the brand

BIKKOU where does it come from? BIKKOU is the diminutive of “BUNICUL” in Romanian which means Grandpa. That's what everyone called Nathalie's father, who left Romania in the early 1980s to offer stability and security to his family by settling in Geneva.
Nathalie's career path as a lawyer was clear, after studying law in Geneva. Then something clicked: with the death of her father, Nathalie told herself that life was too short not to take the plunge and decided to start a new professional life, based on her passions and her convictions.
Passion is fashion. Conviction is the desire to do things well, to never cheat and to be able to be proud of your products.

With her husband Nicolas, they decided to create a brand corresponding to their values ​​and their vision. Nathalie was involved in each stage of the project. She developed her own shapes, carefully chose each material, and above all spent countless hours with her artisans in Porto so that her vision was perfectly reflected in her shoes. Nathalie wanted to create models that were elegant, vegan, comfortable and glamorous. All with that little touch of madness and rock that makes all the difference.

Ecological and social commitment

We are aware that all production involves an ecological footprint. We are transparent about each material used and have paid particular attention to the composition of each one, keeping only the most relevant ones.

By the materials: We have selected high quality fabrics with a lower impact on the environment. Our insoles are made from recycled corn. Our ankle boots are made from Pinatex, a material obtained from cellular fibers extracted from pineapple leaves. Polyester, when we use it, is almost always recycled and bio-sourced. Our outsoles are made of Eco-Thunit, produced from approximately 50% recycled rubber and naturally colored.

Through Crafts: We personally know our artisans based in Porto, with whom we share the same values: family spirit, friendly interactions and fair working conditions. We promote direct relationships with each of our suppliers whom we meet personally and who are based exclusively in Europe.

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