Les Jupons de Louison

History and Philosophy

The conviction of Jupons De Louison, Marine and Anouk is based on the desire to produce in France. Historical cradle of fashion and possessing a connotation of exceptional and mastered know-how, it was only natural to focus on 100% Made In France manufacturing. Please note, we are talking about 100% Made In France manufacturing, from fabrics to buttons! It seemed obvious to us that we had to promote Made In France, that this fight had to be led by several people. Supporting all these small businesses which have chosen to make a living from their know-how also means helping the regions of La Rochelle, Nantes and Rennes to revitalize themselves and sustain their jobs.

Who is behind the brand

Small in size but big in character and thirst for life, Marine Monloubou is one of those who never stops. With her MBA Sup de Luxe in hand, after a few years in major luxury brands and inspired by high-level dance, Marine created Les Jupons de Louison in 2018.

With Anouk Heydorff, her partner met in an incubator in Paris, they released their first collection at the end of 2018 with the symbol of the “Hortense” skirt and the promotion of French know-how.

Ecological and social commitment

France being the historic cradle of fashion and luxury, we want to perpetuate this tradition by borrowing the codes of haute couture for the making of our models.

Each of our workshops specializes in its own field: – Chizé confection: haute couture confection, in dresses and skirts – Real Stamm: haute couture confection, in wedding dresses – Atelier AFC: knitting and making products in mesh. We rigorously select our workshops for the quality of their work and the attention paid to details.

At Les Jupons de Louison, we have chosen Made in France, not because it is a fashion statement, it is above all to: – Limit the carbon footprint of our textiles, – Ensure transparency on the origin of our yarns and fabrics – Treat yourself to quality clothing based on irreplaceable know-how – Support the local economy in France by creating jobs and giving visibility to professions high added value.

The textile manufacturing industry was so strong yesterday in France and has become so weak with globalization.

By supporting Made in France, you support the transmission of French traditions and quality know-how, you support men and women who have chosen to exercise their profession, their passion and you support small businesses, regions, territories.

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