History and Philosophy

It was by discovering the environmental and societal damage of the textile industry, and faced with the few responses provided by men's fashion brands, that Coralie began to work on the creation of Lautrec. Some reminders on the impacts of the industry fashion: – More than 100 billion items of clothing are produced each year (this figure has more than doubled since 2000) – Fashion represents 8.1% of CO2 emissions on a global scale – Cotton consumes nearly 20% insecticides for only 3% of cultivated land in the world – 65,000 km are covered by a pair of jeans during their manufacturing – 500,000 tonnes of micro-plastics are released into the oceans each year And men in all this? In their purchases clothing, men are looking for quality and simplicity. Lautrec creates the first men's wardrobe which brings together both business and casual lines, integrating very high criteria in terms of quality, ethics and eco-responsibility.

Who is behind the brand

Coralie lives in the Batignolles district of Paris. After fifteen years of career in multinationals, the need to carry out an activity that is more meaningful and aligned with one's values ​​becomes stronger than financial comfort and social recognition. Shocked by the environmental and human damage of the textile industry, Coralie leaves the tranquility of wage employment and decides to get involved in changing things. She chooses to dress the opposite sex, noting that eco-responsible offers are very little developed for male customers.

Ecological and social commitment

Lautrec makes 6 commitments:

#1 – The best European know-how
Weaving, finishing and manufacturing in high-end workshops in France, Italy and Portugal.

#2 – An ethical and human approach
A close link with the workshops, and very demanding labels on each garment.

#3 – Protecting the planet
Organic farming, no toxic chemicals, short European circuits.

#4 – Animal welfare
Labels guaranteeing the absence of animal abuse

#5 – Fair prices
No sales, few intermediaries: each piece is at the right price all year round

#6 – Support for committed works
1% of turnover is donated to environmental associations

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