Serie K

History and Philosophy

Serie K is the result of the collaboration of two entrepreneurs who want to create a Swiss circular economy around upcycling and the revaluation of sewing professions. We are Anouk and Marianne. We met during the summer of 2018. At the end of 2019 the idea of ​​joining forces seemed obvious to us because we share the same interests including feminism, sport and entrepreneurship. We each have our own story and that’s what completes us and allowed us to create Serie K together! In September 2020 Serie K was finally born!

Who is behind the brand

ANOUK KELLER is a Geneva-based social entrepreneur who founded the Swiss food brand Blendy and led the administration of the Geneva-based upcycling social enterprise Creature. She is also a yoga teacher and acro-yoga enthusiast! His greatest happiness is being able to swim in the lake in the morning and having time to have a coffee with the sun on his face.

MARIANNE SKAFF is an international entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in hospitality in Dubai, Geneva and Djibouti. She co-manages a Lebanese NGO specializing in local products. She holds an MBA from the University of Geneva and aviation management. Marianne is passionate about makeup and metal music. She enjoys landscape photography and astrology.

Ecological and social commitment

We think we can produce with what we already have! We are committed to recycling as much material as possible, by finding a new use for the materials we recover. We therefore created our own organization, specializing in the recycling of materials that can be sewn, to then transform them into accessories such as bags, briefcases or totebags. Thus, all our creations are made up of 99% existing materials, which are given a second life.

100% SWISS PRODUCTION: YES! All our production is made in the canton of Geneva.

Confident in the potential and power of upcycling and “Made in Switzerland”, we work in a social and circular approach. Thus, we have developed a partnership with Caritas, a local workshop which works for professional reintegration, and which produces our objects.

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