20 idées de cadeau de Noël pour femme

20 Christmas gift ideas for women

Christmas is fast approaching, and it's the perfect time to give gifts that put stars in people's eyes and hug the planet at the same time (yes, that's possible!).
We know how difficult it can be to find THE perfect gift, especially when you want to please a special woman in your life: your mother, your other half, your sister, a friend who is dear to you...

No more headache of gifts seen and re-watched, make way for original and lasting ideas to spoil these extraordinary women in your entourage.

Because, let's be honest, giving eco-responsible gifts is a bit like giving happiness twice: to the person receiving and to our planet.

Let's discover our selection of 10 Christmas gift ideas for women 🎁

Cashmere is always a good idea, especially when it is recycled!

Incredibly soft, warm and timeless, cashmere has always embodied elegance and comfort in the world of fashion. What if this cozy fiber also embodied respect for the planet, resources and animal welfare? This is the challenge that the Italian brand Rifò, specializing in the recycling of materials, has successfully met.

If we had to summarize Rifò in just 3 important points, it would be:
• 100% Tuscan, from design to completion 🇮🇹
• Use of a traditional local technique to regenerate old tissues: cenciaoli 🪡
• Which results in magnificent recycled cashmere 🐑

For the record, it normally takes 4 to 5 goats to provide enough wool for a single sweater. This wool is very fine, yet strong and warm. This is why it is a guarantee of quality, and why it lasts so long... With Rifo, you have the assurance of buying a sweater made with cashmere
Result: - 65% water used, - 68% energy and - 83% CO2 emissions compared to a standard cashmere sweater 🌎

Not to mention the fact that the products are simply magnificent, both in terms of cuts and colors.

Depending on your budget and the connection you have with the person you
you want to spoil, we advise you:

Upcycled accessories that will stand out under the tree

Upcycling (or surcycling) is a little different from recycling. With this method, we reinvent something by diverting it from its original use. In fashion, we will therefore reuse scraps of production fabrics, for the purposes of
rolls or old clothes to cut and re-sew them
differently... 🪡 🧵

Result, no raw material to re-grow, transport, transform AND a
waste reduction. If that’s not beautiful!

Trendy clothes that pay attention to the planet

At Clother, we want to prove to the whole world that it is possible to make fashion a responsible pleasure. This is also our reason for being, we carefully select brands that make their products in
the respect of environment. Here, no greenwashing, we are looking for
traceability, transparency, the percentage of sustainable materials, brands that do not release 120 collections per year. And above all: timeless models that last over time!

Result, no raw material to re-grow, transport, transform AND a reduction in waste. If that’s not beautiful!

Sportswear that takes care of the planet

Same story for sports clothing if the person you are
want to spoil is fond of hiking, yoga classes, running or

Here is our selection guaranteed to be 100% eco-friendly!

Are you not sure you are making the right choice and are afraid of making a mistake? Bet on security by offering a Clother gift card in the amount of your choice! Ideal for (re)discovering eco-responsible fashion for Christmas :)

Swiss natural cosmetics

Zizan!a reinvents skincare

Rooted in the tradition of Zollinger Bio, a family business specializing in organic seeds, ZiZAN!A aims to revalorize the plants from their gardens to create extraordinary cosmetics.

Their mission is simple: reduce waste by recovering plant by-products, transforming them into valuable cosmetic ingredients. What sets ZiZAN!A apart are the dreamy textures. They prove that ecological ethics can be combined with an exceptional sensory experience.

Spread joy with all five
ZiZAN!A gift boxes which contain all the bestsellers from the range of natural cosmetics with recycled ingredients from their gardens. An ideal gift for all lovers of authentic and conscious beauty . Take advantage of -10% on their entire website with the promo code
and free delivery (valid until December 17, 2023).

Natural, zero-waste Swiss makeup Bloom

Gifting makeup is a brilliant idea for the holidays, and the Swiss brand BLOOM goes beyond the simple aesthetic gesture. It is a declaration in favor of
planet and responsible beauty.

BLOOM makeup products are distinguished by their eco-responsible commitment: goodbye to single-use plastics! Their rechargeable approach significantly reduces plastic waste.

In addition to this sustainable philosophy, ingredients of natural and organic origin are favored, thus preserving the health of the skin and the planet.

Without forgetting, of course, the brand's uncompromising ethics: no testing on animals. Lipsticks, glosses, blushes, foundations, pencils or eyeshadows, BLOOM offers a complete range of products to enhance your look while taking care of our beautiful planet.

Responsible Swiss jewelry brands

Wooper Swiss wooden jewelry

Wooper creates magnificent handmade Swiss wood jewelry : earrings, necklaces, bracelets, diffusers and customizable animal tags...
In addition to being pretty, these wooden jewelry diffuse essential oils: all of them can be soaked with a few drops in order to benefit from the benefits of the diffusion for up to 24 hours. 😌

An eco-responsible brand that we really like at Clother since it favors short circuits, recycling, raises awareness like us about new consumption habits and donates funds to NGOs for the protection of the environment and animals.

Absolutely worth discovering!

The pretty pearls of Chiara Tedeschi jewelry

Does the person you want to spoil like pearls and slightly elegant jewelry?

Our little finger tells us that it will help Chiara Tedeschi's brand . Refined and minimalist, the brand has been sourcing its pearls directly from farms for over 40 years. Each pearl is carefully selected by hand in their workshops in Geneva and the jewelry is then designed by talented artisans in Switzerland with sustainable materials. Each piece is unique, carrying the story of the pearl from its creation to your home.

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