Contrary to what one might believe, finding your clothing style is neither easy nor a superficial matter.
We wear clothes every day and whether we like it or not, they say a lot about who we are.
Feeling comfortable in our clothes and with the image we project to others plays an essential role in self-confidence.

What is style?

According to the dictionary, style is the “part of expression which is left to the freedom of each person, and is not directly imposed by norms, rules.”

And yes, style and fashion are two very different things!
Even if fast fashion always wants us to buy the “new trends” to be fashionable. Style goes beyond fashion, and is personal.

As Coco Chanel said so well “Fashion goes out of fashion, style never does”
A concept that couldn't be more sustainable! 😀

Why find your clothing style?

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Finding your style is a truly eco-responsible approach, because it allows you to:
• Sort through your dressing room
• Avoid compulsive purchases by falling for all the ephemeral fashions
• Know how to better combine your clothes and create more associations
• Feel better about ourselves!

“In addition to increasing our daily well-being, finding the materials, colors and shapes that suit us allows us to free ourselves from the dictates of fashion and the desire to constantly renew our wardrobe.” according to @BeChicBeEthic , Slow Fashion coach.

For Noëlle, director of Kaleidoscope Agency in Yverdon-les-Bains: “Beyond finding your style, being in tune with your image is the first step to taking power over your life! It’s a real self-confidence booster .
And of course, personal image will translate into clothing which will determine “style”. highlighting the deep being of the person ... It's almost a philosophical question!
YSL said “Fashions pass; style is eternal” Isn’t that the best definition of sustainability? »

How to find your clothing style?

We have to admit, it’s not always easy to do it yourself. We are often anchored in our old habits and can have difficulty seeing things clearly.
Fortunately, we can ask professionals to help us.

So we asked 4 coaches/stylists the question. We introduce them to you and give you their best advice for finding your clothing style:

Dress with Milla styliste Geneve

The trick of Dress with Milla , personal stylist in Geneva:

“Look around you and become aware of your preferences , your tastes but also your rejections in terms of clothing, decoration, hobbies, hairstyle, human relations etc..
It goes further than just physical appearance!
Know and know how to analyze your body, its lines and the colors that highlight it, It's a process that can be difficult at first which is why we're here to help! Always with a kind look 😉! »

Aline Be Chic Be Ethic Coach Slow Fashion

Aline's tip from BeChicBeEthic , expert in Slow Fashion:

“There are several tools, notably via image consulting, to define these characteristics.
The first step to doing it yourself is to take the time to analyze your current wardrobe and to identify the materials, colors, types of clothing that we particularly appreciate or, conversely, that we always leave aside, seeking to understand why. A tip that I often give is to start with try on your clothes without a mirror to focus solely on physical comfort and not on the often distorted image that the mirror reflects to us.”

Charlotte ChicCouleurs Styliste

The trick of Charlotte , stylist specializing in colorimetry:

" Define three words to describe your ideal style for example comfortable, chic, timeless and look at what you already have in your wardrobe with these words in mind. If your clothes/accessories are aligned with these three words, you can keep them without hesitation. These three words will remain very useful for any future purchase .

Style is also built with knowledge of his personal colorimetry , his morphology and his stylistic personality to cite the pillars that I use with my clients. »

Noelle Kaleidoscope Agency

Noëlle's tip Kaleidoscope Agency , image consulting agency:

“Fashion is a real jungle and it is clear that for many people it is complicated to navigate. It's not so much about being “in fashion” but rather being yourself in clothes that suit you. It's trusting your intuition (it becomes so simple when you understand its unique geometry) and dare to think differently than what magazines offer us to finally free ourselves from diktats. “Accept the great adventure of being yourself” said Simone de Beauvoir. It’s so much deeper than appearance!”

Style, a story of sustainability

Finding your style does not necessarily mean buying dozens of new clothes to be trendy, it is not about owning more, it is not linked to the desire to be noticed.

On the contrary, this is a very personal approach to knowing yourself better, saving time on a daily basis, feel better about yourself and be aligned with your values .

Redefining your style is also an opportunity to question your relationship with clothes and over-consumption to no longer fall into the trap of all the constantly changing fashions (when we know that some brands release up to 30 new collections per year, it's enough to feel overwhelmed!).

What if you expressed your values ​​through your clothes? Short circuit, materials that respect the planet, fair recognition of the workers who made what you wear...

If you recognize yourself through these different causes, know that at Clother, all clothing meets strict eco-responsibility criteria, while offering you the smoothest and easiest customer experience possible!

We deliver to you in Switzerland without customs fees, in a reusable and upcycled package, all returns are free and you can even opt for “try first, pay later”.

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