We don't tell you anything, the end-of-year holiday period often rhymes with overconsumption. Excessive promotions, ready-made gift boxes that are champions of over-packaging but which “save” our lives when we are lacking inspiration. Because, we must admit, who has never felt constrained to have to offer something to the cousin who we see twice a year and who we barely know? This kind of forced gift that makes us wander into stores and buy whatever we can get our hands on.
In short, Christmas makes life difficult for our personal ethics.

But Spoiler Alert: you can be green and love celebrating Christmas. We also have some ideas to help you find more eco-responsible gifts. Here they are !

1. Offer eco-designed clothing

If there's one thing we all use, every day: it's clothes.

Offering eco-responsible clothing means giving the opportunity to wear quality fabrics, with beautiful finishes and which respect the planet. Clothes that last over time, unlike the codes of fast fashion.

We have made a small selection from our assortment of eco-responsible fashion to offer a gift with great values:

  • A timeless recycled cashmere sweater Made in Italy . The Rifo brand has models for men and women in recycled cashmere. They are warm and cozy and go with everything. Giving a cashmere sweater is giving a piece of clothing that the person will keep for several years. A must have!
  • Tights that do not depend on the oil industry and that last over time to say goodbye to the hell of tights that don't last the day. What if they are also made from recycled and natural fibers, all in a factory that runs on renewable energy in Italy? We say yes to useful and ethical gift from Swedish Stockings !
  • Of the merino sportswear for a thermoregulatory first layer, zero odor and which allows you to practice your favorite activities even in winter!
    Whether for running, hiking, skiing or just fresh walks, quality technical clothing can only be a pleasure! Especially when it is knitted and assembled very close to Switzerland in Lille.
  • A Clother gift card , to be sure not to make a mistake and allow the person to choose THE eco-responsible garment from committed designer brands. And there are gift cards for all budgets: 50CHF, 100CHF, 200CHF, and even more if you want. Little extra: we allow you to write a little personalized note

All the brands on our e-boutique have been selected because they offer clothing made from sustainable materials, and made less than 1500km from Switzerland. Choose the delivery method that suits you most (3 of them are free). If you don't like the gift, change it for free!

Here are some additional gift ideas sorted by price:

50 chf and less

from 50 to 100 chf

More than 100 chf

2. Fewer material gifts, more memories together

The first thing to open up your possibilities for Christmas gift ideas is to stop limiting yourself to “object gifts”.

A gift doesn't necessarily have to be tangible. It can be an experience to live, a special moment spent together that will create an indelible memory and change the ordinary.

A massage, a night in a tree house, a family treetop adventure, a pottery class, a day to visit a nearby town, a concert ticket... A gift that takes you out of everyday life and offers a real break for the person might not have taken the time to agree on her own.

An attention that can only please and which adapts to all budgets!

3. Homemade, and with love, to slip under the tree!

Another alternative for the more creative: make your own gift.

So yes, you are not necessarily an artist at heart, you may lack time, creativity, materials... But we assure you that even the simplest gift made by the person who gives it to us takes immediately a sentimental value x10.

Here are some ideas to personalize that are always a pleasure:

  • A small photo album of moments spent together annotated with memories.
  • Christmas cookies in a pretty jar that the person can keep afterwards or the famous cookie jar to personalize according to the person's tastes (white or dark chocolate chips, pecans, almonds, peanuts). It's ideal for decorating your kitchen and for sudden cravings for treats.
  • Recover or hunt for old retro crockery to transform it into real decorative elements. Fill beautiful cups with homemade cuttings, or leftover melted candles lying around.
  • Go for a walk along a river or lake and collect pebbles to make an unusual domino kit.
  • Homemade infusion mixes or spoons (also found) of hot chocolate.

4. Pack zero waste with furoshiki

To wrap everything, consider the alternative to gift paper which represents a huge source of non-recyclable waste: furoshiki. This packaging technique straight from Japan is eco-responsible since it is done using fabrics.
Recycled or purchased, choose a pattern you like, fold and tie it for a pretty zero waste package!

At Clother, we invite you to discover Pake And its reusable gift packaging , made in France and 100% recycled! Several formats, colors and patterns for a unique gift:

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